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Ing. Michiel Kruithof was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on June 25 1975. In 2003 he graduated in Industrial Product Design at the University of Professional Educaton in The Hague. After an internship at Creon design studio in Como, Italy, he completed his thesis project, an innovative snowboard mask for Blast eyewear, at Bregonje Industrial Design in Sesto Calende. During a collaboration of over 2 years with designer Jacco Bregonje he worked on various projects for clients like Artsana-Pic Indolor (the successful 'Thermoklinik' infrared thermometer and several aerosols), Blast - Polinelli
(an innovative line of snowboard masks and sunglasses), Ferrari F1, Brembo, Tubor etc.
After a 6 month collaboration with Galotti&Radice, he worked for over 3 years at Harken Italy, focussing on the design and development of a successful and innovative line of mega-yacht or captive winches (worldwide patented mechanism) and other sailboat components like winch handles.

Kruithof Industrial Design was founded in 2010. He designed a unique modular carbon-fibre stairway for the company TEMA in collaboration with Loson compositi. The stairway was presented at the MADE EXPO fair in Rho in 2011. Various other ambitious projects are being developed at this moment.
After a meeting with Guzzini in Milan, a series of products for the new E-my brand was born, developed with marketing expert and trendwatcher Silvia Santarpia. Due to a collaboration with an international network of designers, graphical studios and various industries in Italy and The Netherlands, all kinds of projects can be handled from very simple to very complex.

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